Cleaning of drainage systems and sewers

Cleaning of all types of outdoor sewers (industrial, wastewater, technological and rainwater) is performed using special high-pressure equipment. The high-pressure cleaning equipment, which is located permanently in a delivery vehicle, serves primarily for solving of emergency conditions of pipelines with DN 80 - 300 mm diameter as well as for places with difficult access, works inside objects and other specialized activities during the removing of immeability or in case of malfunction of pipeline systems. Sewerage pipes are cleaned by means of a water jet generated by a high-pressure pump with selectable pressure up to approx. 140 Bar. The use of a high-pressure cleaning jet makes it possible, besides the usual unblocking, to perfectly clean the piping from feces, kitchen fat or other impurities.

This method is effective even in the cases where other mechanical cleaning methods fail, e.g. sweeping out of sand, gravel, rubbish etc.

Grenade nozzlesGeneral cleaning and efficient rinsing of long pipelines.Rotating injection jetsComplete cleaning of pipe walls and efficient rinsing of released impurities.QuatrosetsCentrifugal force causing dissection, destruction and removal of all kinds of obstacles.